During five days in early June Copenhagen is transformed in to one big street party. You will find a stage in every corner and you will hear music from morning to late night. It all started in 1998 with a group of people arranging a barbecue and party that attracted nearly 200 people. In 2007 the event started to look like what it is today. In 2007 there were 1500 guests at a party and the final party attracted nearly the double to that. The year after it got more seriously arranged by starting a company and getting the needed permits and took it to another level with a new start in 2018 when the festival celebrated its 20th anniversary. Distortion, as the festival is called, gives you everything from modern electric music to nice reggae tones to sway around with. To describe the feeling and the atmosphere during Distortion is nearly impossible, it must be lived! The problem is that if you visited once you will probably go back again, and again!

Young and old dancing together

During Distortion Copenhagen is transformed into one big party where there is music wherever you go and people, at all ages, are dancing together in the streets. It´s a unique event just because it attracts people of all ages. Mingling and food of all kinds are available in the streets where scents come together and make memories of its own. Local bands are playing, and you can see people dancing and singing on their balconies and porches, the party is everywhere. You get the feeling of the whole town partying together without fighting or disagreeing, just fun and socializing.

Nothing for the claustrophobic

If you don´t like places with a lot of people, maybe Distortion isn´t for you. There are people everywhere and it can take hours to move yourself just one block that normally takes just a few minutes. The areas where the festival takes place are closed and buses changes their routes to avoid the area. The area changes year by year but always centres at Norrebro which marks the beginning of the party. The free concerts in the streets and squares ends before midnight but the party isn´t over, it continues in the bars and nightclubs in the area and is called Distortion club. These party’s aren´t for free but often at a lower price for those who bought a ticket for the festival. There are often very famous artists that performs in the clubs as well.

Copenhagen and the Danish people are known for being easy-going, helpful and trusting people in a country with high standards of living, possibly among the highest in the world. If you would like to visit this amazing street party, you can keep your eyes on the website to see what is happening and when. It is probably best to get the living arrangement done first since that is usually the hardest to find. The party is everywhere so that you can´t miss!