The feeling of being on an island in the Mediterranean with light breeze, sun and summer feelings – all of it can also be experienced in the northern parts of Europe, in Hannover, Germany. The Maschsee Lake Festival is one of the most popular events in that area in the summer. If you can, a visit to the festival is well worth it.

Irresistible atmosphere

During a period of three weeks in the summer, the area around Maschsee is transformed into one big party area. Day and night the atmosphere is quite irresistible, but to see the area when the sky turns dark will give you another level of the atmosphere. The lights from the stages reflected in the water is exceptional. When the night has come, that´s when the real party begins. You will find spectacular programmes with music and entertainment on several stages along the lakeshore. The festival has been running since 1986 and since then more and more people have found this perfect little festival that has something to offer all ages which makes it perfect for a family vacation.

Perfect setting and good food

With the perfect blend of palms, live music, performances and amazing food and beverages you get the feeling of being on an island in the Mediterranean walking along with the lake shimmering beside you, feeling like a whole ocean.  You can find real tranquillity here but at the same time visit parties and stay up all night. If you look at the food part of the festival, you can find a big variation of normal German dishes but also specials that you have never heard of before. There are even specials for the younger visitors that maybe hasn´t quite found the taste for the more exotic flavours yet. You find their delicacies in the “Childrens meadow” where they also can join in games and, for them, specially made plays.  

North, south, east and west

The festival and its area are divided in to four parts around the lake; the north, the south, the east and the west, called banks. You can, with the help of the official website for the festival, easily see where different activities and restaurants are situated by finding them in the right direction of the lake. You can also find what you need or want by genre on the website. If you, for example, are searching for a party, you will find it under a tab on the website, so that you don´t have to miss your favourite party. There is also a possibility to hire a guide for a private tour of the area if you don´t feel like walking around searching on your own.

Planning the trip

If you want to visit the Maschsee Lake Festival, you need to be early in your preparations. Tickets are no problem but to find a place to stay in the area can be more difficult, above all if you want it at a reasonable price level. Since the arrangement is going on for three weeks you can find periods where it’s a bit calmer and then the prices are mostly lower as well. If you like lots of people in motion you should of course try to be there at the most popular times, but if you feel like a more quiet and calm experience, and cheaper, you can look for the periods with less people. If you are travelling with your family, maybe with small children, a quieter period may be preferable.