In Malta there is a café called “Café del Mar” which is the centre of the festival called Lost & Found that is held on the island. Here you will find pool parties every day and it is also the checkpoint for buses, boat trips and other excursions arranged during the festival. How about a rave party at a ruin? If not, there are also four stages with constant party music in the area.

The music and the people make the festival

You can´t really define what the Lost & Found festival is really about, but the mix of people and different stiles of music makes it all a perfect blend. A magnificent event where everybody is happy. When can you, at a festival, just hang about at the pool while techno and house music is played and then just get changed and go to an old ruin overlooking the sea for shows with different famous artists on stage in the same day?  Annie Mac, famous all over the world for her DJing, is one of the brains behind the festival and this is what many people think is one of the factors that has made it such a hit. Many famous artists have performed at the festival, but organizers feel that it is important to keep the width and variety for the festival, to keep the laid-back feeling.

Long Days

You´d better bring your strength and endurance when coming to Malta for this experience! Pool parties with easy listening at lunchtime, escalating as the day goes by, to full speed at midnight and continuing through the night. At Friday the festival gives you the first highlight with Mike Skinner´s show giving you loads of classics that you can´t resist. You can also join a boat party, that has grown into a two-boat party because of high numbers of guests, a beach party or an entirely off-beach party with the main organizer, Annie Mac, it is all your choice. Another favourite is the “castle-rave”, a party that takes place in an old castle ruin just outside the city where music and lights makes it an unforgettable night. You can also enjoy Numero Uno, in Ta´Qali to look at what is offered on the four stages. The biggest of the four is called “The palace” and next to it you find “Tropicana” and on both you find really good shows.

Lost & Found may not be the ideal vacation for the old retired couple but very much recommended for young party people looking for an unforgettable weekend with like-minded. Nice weather and agreeable people that are known to be very easy to come along with and good at languages makes a stay in Malta just perfect. Prices at the festival pretty much equals prices around Europe in general but you should know that the beach parties, boat trips and castle rave is not included in the festival ticket. Lost & Found is the perfect way to start up the party summer and get a good sun kissed skin at the same time as you warm up the party genes!