If you are looking for an experience out of the ordinary and visit a festival that doesn´t look like anything you ever seen, you should visit the White Nights festival in Russia. Cultures collide and offer you arts, music and experiences out of the ordinary!

A celebration to arts and music

Every year, beginning in May and going on through July the streets of St. Petersburg come to life with colourful experiences and performances by some of the world’s most famous and talented artists. The White nights is an international festival taking place while the midnight sun shines, in the north, both day and night giving the opportunity for a celebration into the night. The festival is a celebration to opera, ballet and classic music. One of the highlights of the festival is “The stars of the White Nights” taking place in the world famous Mariinskij theatre. The programme contains exceptional performances by some of the most famous Russian and international artists who combines history with premieres. Every day you can watch performances and shows of all kinds when you visit the city. Many shows go on before and after the actual festival but during everything surrounding the shows and performances are spectacular.

Celebrities at the festival

During the festival you can find some of the most prominent names in the business at the programme. Just to mention some of the big names that has participated through the years you have Placido Domingo, Anna Netrebko and James Conton. At the ballet scene you have been able to see versions from the Russian choreographer George Ballanchine´s “Nutcracker” and “Cinderella”.

Something for the family

During the festival there is also a carnival with games, plays and heaps of food. This makes the festival perfect for the entire family. In Peterhof the streets are filled with people in costumes acting like historical figures of all kinds. Many historical happenings are featured in shows and performances which makes this event good for learning and understanding history. The square of St. Petersburg is where most international celebrities usually hangs out. As a final for the festivities there is what is called “Scarlet sails” which is held to celebrate school ending. It is a combination of a massive firework and a water show with boats and pirates at the Neva river. This is really something out of the ordinary. During the event you can see boats competing in different races. This is a tradition going back to the second World War when schools came together to make a show from the children’s book called “Scarlet sails” by Alexander Grin.

Visiting the White Nights is most certainly something to remember for the rest of your life. Just being in St. Petersburg is a sensational feeling with all its magnificent architecture and history. You should be on your toes to get tickets to the shows since they often sell out early, but to feel the vibes of the city you don´t need any ticket!