Venice, the mythical city that lures visitors year after year. The city is built on 121 islands bound together by no less than 435 bridges.

What it is that enchants people is probably different for every person, but a tour in a gondola on the canals is something most people find very special. Many people find it to be enough just to look at all the beautiful buildings or take a walk over some bridges and just watch when other tour the canal. No matter why you visit Venice it will probably make a memory for life. Once a year many people return to Venice for the same reason year after year, the carnival taking place about 40 days before Easter.

Beautiful clothes and masks

The carnival is most famous for all the costumes you can see. There are many balls and masquerades arranged during the carnival and the all take place in different historical settings. It is an adventure to just be able to visit one of these parties, or houses for that matter. Some of the parties are open for everybody to book in advance while some are only available if you are especially invited. These parties are no less than magnificent with costumes as well as decorations. Even the parties where anybody can book a ticket highly magnificent and makes you feel like you belong among the royals for one evening. There are tons of party planners that rent costumes for just one night to make you look like you belong and make you feel like a prince or princess for the evening.

Party at streets and squares

The carnival has different themes every year with one recurrent theme, Casanova in the 18th century. The carnival gives you festivities in heaps and as an example you can take part in festivities in the streets and squares of the city. These festivities are often for free or really cheap. Even here people wear costumes and masks. You will need a programme to keep up with what is happening during the days since things are happening all over the city, so it is easy to miss if you are at the wrong place. At the official website of the carnival you can find everything you will need to make the most of your visit, even help on booking hotel and flights.

Svolo del Turko

The inauguration is an old tradition with heritage from a tradition going way back in time. During a carnival a young Turkish acrobat climbed to the top of St Marks tower by balancing a rope between the tower and a boat at the Piazza pier. This was called” Svolo de Turco” and came to be a returning ceremony which today is seen as the inauguration of the festival. There has been some variations on the execution through the years but the principal and the place is always the same. The ceremony was changed when a young Venetian was drawn up to the tower dressed in white like an angel and then “flew” in high speed down the rope instead of climbing up. It was this change that gave it the name” the Flight of angel”. A trip to Venice is always a memory for life, but if you want to make it even more special you should go during this festival which will make it magnificent!

Svolo del Turko