Burning man is the festival where you as a visitor can join in on the arrangements and contribute in creating the festival. The festival goes on for a week in the shift between August and September. It all takes place in Black Rock Desert in Nevada, USA.

Party from 1986

The first festival was held in San Francisco in 1986 but was later moved to Nevada. This was when Black Rock Desert became Black Rock City. The move was in 1991. The name of the festival comes from the fact that every year a human figure in giant form is burned. The event is created by the visitors who creates installations and concerts of a very wide variety. Year by year the festival has become bigger and bigger and in 2014 it had about 65 000 visitors. It is seen as a giant party from beginning to end and is often connected to drugs, but it is as much a place for people that doesn´t want to be near drugs since everybody is welcome at Burning man.

The work that is done to make it possible to get the festival running is very extensive and demands enormous efforts from everybody involved. Every year a kind of city plan is made to see how to build the temporary city where everything should be available so that people won´t need to leave the city during the week. There is even a temporary airport to be able to land near to the event.

Hard to explain

If you haven´t visited Burning man you can´t really grasp what is so special about it. By talking to visitors and organizers you can get a good picture of what it is that everybody gets so smitten about. Most visitors are very quiet and not very eager to tell about what goes on at the festival while others widely describe everything about it and their experiences. Through the years many reporters have visited the festival to get a grip on it to be able to explain to the world what goes on there. Most of them get as bitten themselves and return for the party year after year as well. A big and funny thing happening during the week is the event where you should build the most imaginative transportation. You shall be able to take as many as you can on a ride in the festival area while partying in the transportation. Other things to do in the area is to get a massage, eat lots of food, and of course make nice acquaintances. At the festival there are only ten rules to follow. They are all about giving, minimal affect on environment, responsibility and participation.

Tickets and trading

To visit the festival you, of course, need a ticket. During the festival there are no transactions made. It all works on making it on your own or trading with other visitors. The only form of transaction allowed is trading, and an ice cream stand that has been on the premises since the start. Money from this ice cream sales are for a school in the neighbourhood. To make it possible with a transaction free area it is crucial that everybody brings enough food to make it through the week. It has evolved during the years to people bringing more food to be able to give to others and to make trades. No one will have to be afraid to be hungry since a big part of the festival is to take care of each other.

If you haven’t had the opportunity yet to visit Burning man – Do it!