Beyond Sahara is a festival in Morocco that is so much more than just a festival. You get a total adventure with music, culture, travelling and wellbeing – all at once! It is not only a festival area in one location but taking place across almost the entire country. It all starts in Marrakesh, from where you can head out into the desert with different stops in various places which are often more than magical. The places vary every year, but some can reoccur because they simply can´t find something as good. When it comes to magical experiences and nature you can never quite grasp what the desert can offer. A common thought is that the deserts are all sand and nothing else, but nothing could be further from the truth. When you have experienced all that the desert has to offer you will see sand in an entirely different way. Some of the places you will see during the festival are also famous from several big movies.

What to do in the desert?

During daytime there are lots of activities to participate in, from sports to meditation. You can try yoga or have a massage in fairy-tale surroundings. You can play beach volley in the soft sand or try some of the more innovative sports that are offered during the festival. One of the unique things you can try is surfing on sand instead of in the ocean. Of course, you can ride a camel if you´d like since that is something many people connect to the desert. Sitting on a blanket in the sand having a picknick is something of a must when visiting the Sahara´s. When the sun starts setting many people gets stunned by the beauty of the stars on the dark sky. When in the desert, there is nothing else taking your attention from looking at the stars in the sky, just laying on the blanket staring into the dark sky and the beautiful stars is breath-taking and something you will never forget.

Nights of music and shows

Before you go to lay looking at the stars there is a lot to experience for visitors of this festival. A concert in the desert or a disco under the open sky. You get the chance to see many traditional Morroccan performances and artists. To visit a concert in the desert can seem strange but once you´ve experienced it you will probably find concerts in regular arenas boring and not much of an event. A euro disco in the desert is hard to imagine and that is also why tickets often sells out in minutes from their release. Many people travel alone to the festival, but no one ends up alone because this is a very social event where everybody is open for new acquaintances. There are even groups in social media where people get to know each other before arriving at the festival. Sounds like something for you? Be aware when tickets are released to the next Beyond Sahara!